Beautiful, Blooming Bellies

Beautiful, Blooming Bellies

The Joy of Becoming a Mother


Ahh!! That moment you see those double pink lines. The excitement and pure joy that runs through your body.  You are on cloud nine, and then… BOOM! All the sudden, a wave of nausea hits and you may or may not be hugging the toilet for the next couple of months. 


While I do not have all the answers for how to fix your morning (or all day as it was with my first) sickness, I can say that pregnancy, with all its ups and downs, brings the most incredible gift and was, hands down, one of my favorite seasons in life. 


Pregnancy truly is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life.  I liken it to watching a rose in the spring.  You see the new growth and color sprouting after the winter. Then the smallest rose bud appears, and every day after, you can watch the bud grow until, petal by petal, it blooms into the loveliest of flowers, fragrant and glowing with color. 


Taking care of the perfect, blooming “rose” is an important part of your self-care routine in pregnancy.  Hydration, both internally and applied, will help your growing belly’s (as well as your hips and breasts’) elasticity, firmness, and comfort.


The Green Forest Lady’s Growing Belly Balm is a mix of carefully researched and thought-out ingredients.  Each ingredient was chosen for its effectiveness in deeply moisturizing, reducing itchiness, helping with overall skin improvement, and preventing the severity of stretch marks. 



What are stretch marks and why do they occur?


Stretch marks are a skin condition called striae distensae that are caused by inflammation, then the rupture of the elastic fibers beneath the surface of the skin due to the pressure of rapid growth. (1)  While genetic predisposition does play a role in whether or not you may see those dark lines appear, regular and frequent moisture help to maintain the skin’s elasticity making it less likely to tear. 


The most important thing to remember is that no matter if stretch marks do or do not occur, your body is doing something absolutely incredible and should be shown as much love and respect as ever.  Let’s be honest, if our husbands grew a new human and organ, we would never hear the end of it and those stripes would be proudly worn for all to see.


Key Ingredients


While each ingredient has its own beneficial properties, there are a few from our Growing Belly Balm that I would like to highlight. A stage and a spotlight, so to speak, to show just how incredible they are.


Rosehips - the fruit that appears in the fall on a rose plant, is high in essential fatty acids which help speed up skin regeneration, reduce dark spots and lighten skin due to hyperpigmentation, and also heal faster. 


Mango Butter - a mildly sweet-smelling fat that originates from mango seeds, is abundantly rich in vitamins c and e, is antioxidant rich, and helps to promote cell regeneration.  Its semi-solid form that melts when it touches your skin is not only deeply nourishing, but also feels luxurious and decadent.  A treat for your bloom. 


Jojoba Oil - although generally thought of as an oil, is actually wax ester extracted from jojoba seeds from the gorgeous evergreen shrub.  Its “wow factor” is that its chemical composition is almost identical to the oil our body naturally produces.  It is composed mostly of unsaturated fatty acids and fatty alcohols which help speed along skin healing and improvement, cell regeneration, and overall moisturization.


In addition to all of the extraordinary goodness highlighted above, Growing Belly Balm feels like butter melting on your skin.  While applying, the gentle scent of lavender wafts up and lightly tickles your senses, helping you to relax and release the stresses of your day.


When and How to Use Growing Belly Balm


Growing Belly Balm is perfect for any time-of-day application but is most beneficial after a shower or bath.  Leave a bit of water on your skin to help lock in the moisture and to help with absorption of the balm. 


This tiny step in self-care can be so rewarding. So, show your beautiful blooming body a little love and radiate from the inside out. 



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