Interesting Baby Baths from Around the World

Different cultures around the world have a history of using baths as a way to cleanse, absorb nutrients or medicinals in through the skin for purposes like calming the nervous system.  


Here are a few interesting bath practices for babies from around the world.

Ubtan  Based on traditional Ayurvedic practice, a paste made from a varying combination of gram flour (besan), turmeric (haldi), yogurt, raw milk, herbs, natural oils and sometimes rosewater is blended. After the paste is applied to the baby’s entire body and allowed to dry, it is rubbed off with oil or water during a full body massage. Ubtan, or Uptan, is used as an alternative to store bought soaps and to ensure soft, healthy skin.

Vinegar Baths (Southeast Asia): Diluted vinegar baths are believed to help prevent cradle cap and cool the baby in hot climates. Diluted vinegar and apple cider vinegar baths have been used in the USA for treating a variety of skin conditions from eczema to diaper rash to yeast infections.

Sand Baths (North Africa and Middle East): In some desert regions, sand is used to cleanse babies due to limited water availability. Desert sand and heat have been used for curative purposes for joint and muscle pain and other ailments.

Ash Baths (Parts of Africa): Wood ash mixed with water is used in some traditional practices with the belief that it strengthens the baby's body. 

Ice Baths In Guatemala, some believe a quick dip in an ice bath can help the baby sleep and support good health. Ice baths have also been used to treat rashes.  

Tea Baths Used around the world, tea baths are a combination of herbs, botanicals and skin supporting ingredients designed to support good health, healthy skin and improve sleep.



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