Who is the Green Forest Lady? An Introduction

Hi! I’m Tanna, owner and creator of The Green Forest Lady. 


Growing up in the country in Southeast Texas was a lot of fun for a kid that allowed for endless free time to daydream, explore nature, and be creative.  At some point, as we all do, I grew up and moved to Los Angeles where I met and married my amazing, supportive husband.   After a bit of a transition period, I discovered and fell in love with the wild beauty of California.  There we had 3 incredible children - Max, Jonah, and Ivy who are my greatest joy and also share my love of adventure, hiking, and spending our days beneath the trees.  Then, after 13 years of living amongst and getting to know the Santa Monica Mountains and all of her secrets, we moved to the desert of Nevada where new adventures, exploration, and time for learning the local flora and fauna await.


My love for herbs, and all things nature began when I was a little girl searching for wild onions in my backyard.  That love grew and evolved into something I am deeply passionate about.  From the creation of The Green Forest Lady products to the regular herbal, identifying, and foraging lessons my kids get, to making wildcrafted flower essences or salves for my family, to herbal medicine, and using plants in my culinary creations, my love for nature shines through and impacts my everyday life. 

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Why Did I Start Green Forest Lady?


 The search for truly clean products in the sea of “natural beauty” products available can be overwhelming and disappointing.  Aligning myself with the intention of creating with and from the purity of nature was born out of that frustration.  In the early days, I made as many personal products as I could: shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream, eye lash serum, and tinctures.  I taught myself how to harvest medicinal sap from trees, identify wild plants and what parts of plants were beneficial and for what use.  When I became pregnant with my first child in 2013, my drive for using only the purest, organic ingredients on my baby naturally evolved into using what I had learned to make baby products.


In 2014, I started Nature's Touch Baby and Body, a small business using recipes I had spent countless hours creating, then making, remaking, and testing on my first baby, family and friends. 


 7 years later, a lot of learning, unlearning, and navigation in the world of herbal products, Nature's Touch Baby and Body turned over a new leaf, so to speak.  A new name and new packaging, but still the same nourishing, healing, soothing, mindfully handcrafted products.  The Green Forest Lady is more than just a business. It is a passion, a love, a culmination of knowledge gained over years of trial and error and experience.  It is a gift I hope to be able to pass to my children one day, who already love being part of the process - naming new products, helping to print and pack orders, even occasionally helping out in the actual product making. 


Future Plans


In the short few years to come, I have plans for new product releases, bringing back some of the products I sold under Nature’s Touch Baby and Body (hello best sugar scrubs you will ever use!), as well as expanding from online sales to old-fashioned brick and mortar shops.  One beautiful lesson I have learned, is that minimal outlines and plans work best.  Having an open mind and heart for what is waiting for you instead of sticking to a rigorous program will lead to what is meant to be.  The journey is beautiful.  I believe that no matter where you are in your story, there is much more to be written.  I am going to let it flow. 


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