Wildcrafted:  Forest Salve Edition

Wildcrafted: Forest Salve Edition

Beauty of Connection

There is a corner in the forest that I am forever tethered to.  It is a place so beautiful and full of magic that it has created its own little space inside of me where the redwoods and horehound grow in my heart and if I close my eyes for a few brief seconds, I can easily recall the smell that permeates my being and the light that filters through the branches to light up my soul. 

One special spring day, I entered the small grove to see that the giant Mother was releasing her seeds.  I stood in awe.  The sun was shining through the giant treetops, and through its rays, it appeared as though there were millions of dancing fairies in the air. 

This place is not one to be kept to oneself, for it is impossible.  It is also a favorite of migrating birds, and during certain times of the year, their numbers are so large in their sweet resting place, it is turned into a paradise of song. 

The intoxicating evergreen scent envelopes you as you enter the great trees’ grove, the smell alone a balm for the stresses of the world. 

I have spent time there reading, drawing and painting, having a school day with my kids, and even huddled under the low branches and watching the rain fall. Seeing a reflection of the forest in a tiny raindrop that is hanging off of a leaf is an experience I believe everyone should have the chance to have. 

It is through this type of connection and experience, as well as the adventures I’ve had with nature that led me dig deeper into the world of wild, earth-based healing. 


 Green Forest Lady Foraging       Light through Redwoods - Green Forest Lady


Forest Salve

Most of the Forest Salve ingredients came from this place.  Sharing some of its allure by slow infusing the plants in the way of our ancestors and then bottling it feels as though I am sharing a beautiful secret. One that I am proud to share.

 Forest Salve - Green Forest Lady

The Ingredients

As much as I could continue to share my love and the details of the memories created there, sharing the plants’ medicine is the most important part of why I created the Forest Salve. 

Redwood – Redwoods are one of the oldest tree species on earth and its scent has the ability to transport one to the forests. It is calming, grounding, and an anti-inflammatory for joint and muscle pain. 

White Fir - White Fir is a beauty behold standing, firmly rooted in a clearing with snow gently settled on its limbs.  It has a wide range of benefits including the ability to reduce pain, soothe inflammation, speed the healing of wounds, insect bites, scrapes, cuts, and bruises, lower stress, and soothe respiratory infections. It is wonderfully helpful for muscle fatigue, muscle soreness, and muscle and joint stiffness. It’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties make it an integral part of the Forest Salve.

Quaking Aspen - Quaking Aspen gets its name due to its leaves that seemingly "quake" in the breeze. It contains salicin, a potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that help with musculoskeletal pain, painful joints, sores, wounds, and bites. Its benefits are beautifully wide ranged and in addition to oils, can be used in tinctures, teas, and powders for emotional distress and healing, urinary congestion, digestive aid, lung expectorant as well as helping to alleviate chronic skin conditions like eczema. 


The Earth as Medicine 

The earth is abundant in healing aids, no matter what the ailment, and they are available for everyone.

I hope that through the Forest Salve, I can share a bit of my love for nature as well as some of the healing benefits it offers. 

I invite you to step outside and look around.  What do you see? What do you hear, feel and smell?  Notice the sensations, the details.  This is a first step in creating a relationship with the world around you.  Something will grab your attention, whether it be a towering tree with roots that expand far beyond its crown, or the smallest plant or flower that grows in the understory or brush.  Get to know that plant.  Sit with it for a while and listen.  You may hear what it wants to share with you. There may be an answer for you in that plant.

The earth is beautiful.  Our Creator is a master designer and we have been given everything we need - we just need to remember how to tap into that knowledge again as our ancestors and those who came before us once did.

Earth as Medicine - Green Forest Lady
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