10 Cool Gifts for New Moms under $20

I wouldn’t particularly call myself the “Cool Mom.” 

Maybe the adventurous mom, the “1000 hours outside” mom, the "immerse yourself in nature" mom, and definitely the “eat all of your cabbage” mom.  However, even I love cool products that may (or may not) make me seem a little cooler.


The market for new moms and babies is saturated.  There are a whole host of gigantic companies that spend mega bucks on advertising to win over the hearts of new moms and make them believe they absolutely need their product. 


I can honestly say that a very large portion of baby items I had on my registry list while pregnant with my first were either never used or were used very little. Most of them were ways to entertain my baby, or make life easier with my baby, but you know what I learned? The best way to entertain my baby or to make life easier was to go outside. Sit under a tree, watch the birds, listen to a stream, or even take a walk around the block if you live in the city.  So many benefits for both you and your baby. 


While I genuinely believe that a good portion of what is marketed to new moms are a waste of money, there are some that are fun and helpful, aka "cool." 


Some of the items on this list were items that I found useful with my babies, and others I came across while creating my last blog post Gifts from the Heart for a New Mom.


What are my picks for coolest gifts for new moms under $20?  Let’s take a look!


 10 Cool Gifts for New Moms Under $20


(1)  OogieBear Baby Booger Picker

Tell my little ones that you see a boogie in their nose and giggles usually ensue.  They are a little funny, a little embarrassing, and no one really wants to pick someone else’s.  This is such a simple, genius idea that helps to easily reach those ornery baby boogies and sticky mucus without making Baby uncomfortable.  The bear head design ensures it won’t go too far up baby’s nose.


What a fun, creative gift idea to help remember those tiny little fingers and toes! I am in awe of how perfect and intricately designed humans are, and how quickly they grow.  This keepsake frame comes with paint, a paint brush, a name/date printing kit, and a wood frame. 


Who else’s mom never missed a single month of 1–12-month baby milestone photos from JCPenney when they were a baby?  I also took monthly photos of my kids, but I took them myself.  Dragged my husband around to different nature spots to help hold props and make them smile. These photo props are an adorable way to keep track of baby’s growth both during pregnancy and after birth. Bonus: they are gender neutral and will be a sweet addition to however you set up your photo shoot.


I have used Baltic amber teething bracelets and necklaces with all of my babies.  Baltic amber is fossilized tree sap that has been preserved under the sea for millions of years.  Its main benefits are that it has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties, and soothing effects.  Canyon Leaf’s necklaces and bracelets are hand knotted in between each bead so in case one breaks, the rest of bracelet/necklace stays in place. 


Whether it is coffee, tea, or a smoothie, who doesn’t want to wake up to this sweet silliness guaranteed to make you smile?  All of Made for Mama Shop products are hand lettered, have a special meaning, and most have a story behind them.  Their purpose is “to help you wake up in love every day, live in gratitude, be your best for your little humans and so you know you’re not alone in the journey of motherhood.”

Teething babies chew on everything. Their fingers, your nipples, the dog toy, pretty much anything they can get in their mouth.  Their gums are itchy, swollen, and uncomfortable.  Mitteez are made from high-quality bamboo, certified GOTS organic cotton terrycloth, and food grade safe silicone, making it 100% non-toxic.  Oh, did I mention yet how cute they are?

Ladies! This is the good stuff.  The “absolutely yes you need this item because it will save your day” product.  Designed to be used upside down for easy water/witch hazel application.   As Frida says, “Toss the hospital peri bottle and get this bidet for your vajay. It's the MomWasher for relief and postpartum care down there. “


All my babies had some level of colic when they were infants.  The feeling of exhaustion, helplessness, and sadness that your baby is in pain is a combination every mom of a colicky baby understands all too well.  WishGarden Herbs carries many herbal tinctures that I adore and have used for years, including their incredible Colic Ease.  I tried several different products and Colic Ease, by far, was the best.


All new moms need ways to help them relax.  Blush & Charcoal’s organic soy wax candles are absolutely beautiful and the perfect addition to a hot bath or a relaxing evening reading a book.   Everything is handmade, from the gorgeous cement, gold accented bowl, to the organic soy wax candle. So much attention is paid to detail, you will probably want one for yourself too!


(10) Green Forest Lady Nipple Balm

Dry nipples, cracked nipples, sore nipples, sensitive nipples:  a small list of many uncomfortable issues new moms may face that Nipple Balm can help with.  Want a more in-depth look at our Nipple Balm?  You can read all about it here!



What other “cool” gifts for new moms for under $20 would you add to this list?

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