Gifts from the Heart for a New Mom

The elation of becoming a new mother is unparalleled. 

It is full and unfettered joy.  There is the little cocoon you create of blissful perfection.  Your new little family, the immense love that fills your heart and home, settling in to a new routine, and getting to know the incredible tiny human you just grew.  (Let’s take a second to just appreciate the absolute awe and wonder of growing another human! Bones, organs, limbs - God’s infinitely perfect design. Down to the tiniest detail, it is a miracle.)

 NewbornTinyDetails_BabyBootyBalm_TheGreenForestLady NewbornBabyGirl_BabyBootyBalm_TheGreenForestLady

Sharing in this excitement from the outside is also special.  Watching a new family bloom and supporting them in any way you can lends back a bit to the “village” of the past.  New mothers especially need all the extra help and support they can get, and rarely is there another moment where they are more grateful than this special time. 

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So, what can you do to show support and love in a meaningful way to a new mom? 

Ideas to make life a little easier for new Mothers

As much as a new mom appreciates all the help and thoughtful gifts she gets, sometimes the extra attention in early postpartum can be a little overwhelming.  Understandably, we all want to be a part of the new baby’s life but may unintentionally overstep our boundaries.  Instead of showing up to visit and asking just to hold the baby, maybe we show up with food, and offer to tidy up a bit.   Then offer to hold the baby for Mom while she showers and has a bite to eat.  Small acts of helpfulness go so far and can help take pressure off her as she settles into her new life and role.  Other times, just dropping food off at the door for her, sending a quick message asking if she needs anything from the grocery store, or if she would like you to walk the dog would be better.  Our overall goal is to show our love and support to a new mom, in whatever way she needs it most. 


Special Gift Ideas for New Moms

One of my favorite ideas for an expectant or new mom is a gift basket. She will get lots of items from her registry list, so thinking outside the box is fun, and can go a long way.  What to put in that gift basket?  There are so many fun things! You can mix it up or have a theme.


Just for Mommy Gift Basket - Thoughtful Postpartum Gifts

For a first-time mom, or a seasoned one, these ideas never get old and will be more appreciated than you know. Think of it as a gigantic hug in a basket - that can be reused in the nursery, of course!

  • Nipple Balm - Our Nipple Balm is a perfect new mom gift basket item! 100% organic ingredients and no need to wipe off before nursing. Read more about it here.
  • Herbal Tea - A variety of tea and herbs to help nourish Mom. Buying loose leaf and making blends for her is a special way to show you care.  One of my favorite blends is hibiscus, white rose, lemon balm, lavender, tulsi, and rose hips. It is full of vitamin c, super delicious and refreshing, and can be made into a big pitcher for cold tea, or into a hot cup while nursing.
  • Cozy Jammies - Something comfortable with easy access to boobies (or boobles as my kids always called them) for nursing. Go total full-on Granny comfort here. She will appreciate it!
  • A Super Soft, Comfy Robe - A new mom's everyday apparel. 
  • Cozy socks or slippers - Accessories to match that new apparel.
  • Sugar Scrub – Small things to help Mom feel “normal” pampered can go a long way.
  • Lip Balm - No such thing as too much!
  • Deodorant - Our Pure Deodorant is the BEST! Made with organic, non-toxic ingredients, absorbs moisture but doesn’t block it, and smells light and fresh, which is exactly how you want your pits to smell.
  • A diffuser and organic essential oils - A great way to help mom relax.
  • Powdered herbs to add to smoothies for adrenal support or to help balance hormones. - My favorites (and I swear by them) are maca root, ashwaghanda root, shatavari, and rhodiola.
  • Growing Belly Balm - Our Growing Belly Balm isn't just for growing bellies.  Postpartum bellies need just as much love, attention, and moisture. Read a bit more about it here.
  • After Ease - An incredible herbal tincture that helps with cramps after birth.  Some new mamas don’t know this can happen, and while it isn’t something usually discussed (not sure why!), they are stronger and more common after each subsequent child. I am not an affiliate or being paid for this recommendation, I truly believe in this product and that every birthing woman should have this handy. 
  • A large tumbler with a lid and straw - One that can hold lots of ice and water.
  • A Book - So simple, but something that feeds Mom’s soul.
  • Snacks - Something healthy and easy for her to grab before sitting down to nurse.
  • Food Delivery Service Gift Cards - Probably the biggest need for a new family is easy food.

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Newborn Baby Gift Basket

Wanting to shower the new baby with your love and attention is normal.  Here are some ideas for a gift basket for the baby. 

  • Nail Emory Boards - Newborns have feral kitty-cat-like nails that grow insanely fast. This will help keep them from clawing their sweet face, as well as Mom.
  • Boo Boo Balm - Our Boo Boo Balm is very helpful for those little fingernail scratches or dry patches.
  • A Photoshoot Worthy Outfit - She will probably get lots of onesies and practical clothing for baby at the baby shower, so something that can be worn for one of those special monthly photos is a sweet addition.
  • Blankets - There is no such thing as too many. I will repeat this many times as necessary. :) The large muslin cotton swaddle blankets are the must.  My incredible midwife showed me a swaddle trick that I may video and post one day. Every new mom should have this in her back pocket.
  • Baby Booty Balm - Our Baby Booty Balm is great for treatment or prevention!  Read all about its incredible benefits here.
  • Baby Massage Oil - Baby massages help them relax and sleep like a baby. Just kidding, it actually helps them sleep a deeper, more relaxed sleep, which means you can get a little extra rest. :)
  • Clean, Non-Toxic Diapers - Oh, the amount of diapers gone through in the early months.
  • Wipes - Ditto to what was said about diapers above.

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The list could go on and on.  You can tailor it to each mama’s preferences and unique situation.  How ever you do it, the thoughtfulness is an act of selfless love that all new mothers desperately need. 

Let’s support each other in every way we can. Always.  

What else would you add to this list? What were your must-haves and can’t-live-withouts?


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